SIJD Surgery:: day four

DSC_0910It snowed all day today; I watched from our third floor window as the blanket fell flake by flake. I haven’t felt very good today: lots of digestive issues due to taking narcotics, and I’m also trying to sync my meds so that I can take two pain pills at once (every six hours) rather than one every three hours. I only have one more hour to wait.


Today has been the biggest pain day so far. It’s more of a burn and ache around the incision site than anything. I’ve watched Netflix all day and moved from the chair to the bed to another chair to the bed, carrying my ice packs wherever I go. I’ve kind of lost my appetite. One more walk and then I’m going to take my pain meds and crawl back into bed. Only two more days until I get to go home. I’m ready to convalesce at home! Tomorrow will be kinder.


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