Surgery:: one week

Today was one week since I had my SI joint fusion. (In case you missed it, you can read about how I came to the decision here.)


The best thing about being one week post-op is that you finally get to take a shower! I’ve never appreciated hot water and shampoo more. The steri-strips were falling off so I helped them along and now all you can see is my incision (and the bruises that surround it.) I will post a photo at the end of this page, which just means that I’m giving you fair warning. If you don’t want to see it, don’t scroll to the end. I think it looks really good for one week!


The first thing people want to know is, “Are you still in pain?” The answer is yes, meaning I’m not pain free yet. But it’s a different kind of pain. I mentioned in an earlier post that I feel like my right foot is tracking forward for the first time in a very long time (still not sure what this means but I’m hopeful that something good will come out of it.)


But I’ve also noticed something else. My low back isn’t screaming at me 24/7. In fact, it seems pretty happy. My theory (which may or may not be scientifically viable) is that when my right SI joint was wonky due to torn or stretched ligaments, my lumbar spine was working overtime to help distribute the weight and force of my upper body. If stabilizing my pelvis has indeed helped take the excess weight off my lumbar spine, it would make sense that my back would take a much-needed holiday. It’s still way too early to call any of this, but these are the kinds of things that go through my mind as I recover.


I did three 10-minute walks today (I was supposed to do four) and they weren’t too bad. I’m still having some pain in my glutes and hamstrings, especially when I sit. But I’m not going to get riled up about it. It’s only been a week and I’m going to give my body all the time it needs to adjust to this new framework, so to speak.


I’m still on pain meds, but am tapering off. I hoped to be off of them by now, but my nightmare travel day set me back. Nineteen hours is a long time to be traveling when it’s only been five days since you’ve had major surgery.


Here’s hoping I have more good news to report next week.



In case you were wondering, here’s a snapshot of my new hardware. My doctor implanted two of these titanium screws in my right sacroiliac joint.


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