Surgery :: Week Three



There’s not a lot new to report at the three week mark, but there are a few things worth saying. I am able to sleep on my right side again. It still gets sore and I have to shift positions, but I can stay on it much longer than before surgery. Also, before surgery I had to use only the left side of my pelvis/leg to turn over in bed, and even then, I had to “lock” the knee and activate the muscles on my right side, to disable the joint (if I didn’t, it would clunk around and cause sharp pain when I rolled over.) Now I’m happy to say that I can actually use my right leg to turn over, and I don’t have to brace anymore. The stability is so incredible! And when I get out of bed I don’t have to somehow shift around before I take a step. I’m solid when I stand up.


I’m feeling good enough that I’m really looking forward to being able to do yoga and exercise again. My legs (particularly the muscles I have learned are called the vastus laterali) were very achy on Monday but I couldn’t turn to my go-to solutions. I can’t take a hot bath (until this time next week!) I can’t take anti inflammatories, I can’t do yoga and I can’t swim laps (I can do that next week too!) I did go for a walk, which is the only exercise that’s legal for now. I booked a massage and just told the therapist to avoid anything close to my incision. It helped and I’m thinking I’m probably going to need some therapeutic massage once I start the active rehab process. Even though my legs were aching, my SI joints and low back weren’t, which is so surreal and wonderful.


I’ve had a few minor muscle spasms, which I imagine is my body still trying to figure out what’s going on. The Robaxin they gave me didn’t do anything much to help (and also gave me a headache) so I asked to try Flexeril. It was an ordeal to get the doctor’s office to call it in, but it finally happened. I was afraid to take it because I thought it would knock me out. I was up until 1:30 a.m. (didn’t make me sleepy at all.) I think it actually did help with overall muscle tightness. But I’ve only taken one pill, and I’m not sure it was worth the hassle. I’m pretty much fine without meds, which is new for me. Up until my surgery, without NSAIDS, the inflammation kicked my butt. Literally.


The incision (and whatever’s underneath it) is still sore, but I’m amazed at how good it’s doing. It still feels lumpy underneath, which I imagine is where the interior stitches are/were.


And I’m happy to report that my knee is better.


Onward and upward!


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