Post-surgery firsts :: Helloooo bike


By the numbers:

Miles per week I used to ride before my SI joint got so painful I couldn’t sit on the seat: approximately 60

Amount of money I spent on bike maintenance this time last year: $300 (New tires/brakes/chain, etc.)

Length of time I was able to use it before I couldn’t ride anymore due to SI pain: three weeks

Days since I have had a minimally invasive SI joint fusion: 32

Months since I last rode my bike: 10

Length of time I rode today: 20 minutes

Amount of SI joint pain while sitting on the seat: 0%

The absence of the ice pick in my hindquarter: Priceless.

I had the seat significantly lowered to make it easier on my low back. This was a very flat, non-strenuous ride around a few streets in my neighborhood. I may be sore. My muscles may push back. But still.